Loredo Detailing Scotchguard Protection

ScotchGaurd Paint Protection


Improves the durability of exterior pain!

Chemical bond helps protect against de-icing agents, free sap, bird droppings, acid rain, etc.

Trated finish helps resist weather-included fading, pain oxidation and loss of gloss.

Scotchguard Carpet Protection


 Keeps carpet cleaner and fresher!

Carpet fibers repel mud, dirt, slush, grease, etc. Messes clans up easily, befor stains form. Product won't alter the appearance of the carpet.

Scotchguard Leather & Vanly Protection


Protects the apperance of interior surfaces!

Invisible varrier helps protect against the damaging effects of ultraviloet light, Non-greasy formula produces a rich satin sheen.

Scotchguard Fabric Protection


Stops stains from forming on seats!

Spills settle on the surface rather than absorbing. Liqids such as coffee, ketchup and milk wipe off easily. Product won't alter the apperance of the fabric.

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Loredo Detailing Scotchguard Protection